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Things to know about Vidova Gora Mountain

Vidova Gora is the highest peak of the Dalmatian island in Croatia. The hike will give you an incredible view over the archipelago, you will be able to see Hvar and Korcula island from the summit.

I recommand to do this hike in the morning as it can be pretty hot in the PM, bring lots of water!!

Be aware there is some snake on this trail!! I did this hike by myself this summer and I saw a really long one coming in the trail just in front of me. Having poles or wood stick could be a good idea!

Pretty easy hike, the trail is easy to find, unfortunately I didn't have my Suunto watch on this hike so I didn't track my trail, but I attached some maps( see below).
You will start the hike downtown in Bol and I recommand to take the same way down. There is also possibility to drive up the mountains (this is how most of people come) I saw 3 persons on the trail and probably 100 on the summit...believe me you will no have the same feeling on top if you hike up!

Close up first km 

Easiest way to start the hike as you are going straight 
the same direction

Overall Map 

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