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Things to know about
​Upper Kananaskis Lake and Rawson Lake

This loop is more running than hiking as it is 20 km long. It will take you a day if you are walking. 
The Kananaskis Upper Lake loop is 14,9 km the elevation gain is negligible around 100m. 
The Rawson lake loop is 7,8 km (300m elevation gain) if you are going to Sarrail ridge it will 11,3 km plus 355m. (I didn't do the ridge it is on my list!)

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There is different possibility but here is what I did : We parked at the Mt. Indefatigable  trailhead and we started the Upper Kananaskis lake loop.  After around 5 km we decided to do a side trail to Rawson Lake. We finished our journey by completing the Upper Kananaskis loop. I think it was good to do it that way as Rawson lake was mid-way to our run. If you are thinking to just hike Rawson lake I will recommend to park at the trailhead of Rawson Lake. 

The 2 first photos of the gallery are from Rawson Lake and the rest of the photos are from the Upper Kananaskis lake loop. 

Rawson Lake and the Upper Kananaskis Lake trail are super easy. I will not be worried to bring kids overthere. Be aware that Rawson lake is a bit busy on the weekend, the Upper Kananaskis trail was not busy at all. Both hike are beautiful and super accessible. If you are looking for an epic view around the lake it is defintely worth. You will also have amazing view of Mt. Indefatigable (5th photo)

Make sure the trail conditions on Alberta Parks website it is not unusual that some trails are closed for bears in this area.