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Things to know about 
Tent Ridge in Kananaskis

To find the trailhead parking lot of Tent ridge just follow the google maps directions below until you turn to go to Mt.Engadine Lodge. Set your odometer to 0 pass Mt.Engadine Lodge. Cross the bridge over Smuts Creek, at 0.8 km bear right, at 1.8 km you will reach the trailhead parking area on the right. 

Tent ridge is a loop hike, most people are starting by walking back on the main road about 200m and you will see a trail on your right. You will finish the hike at the trail next to where your car is parked.  See the map below you need to go in the same direction as the heart.

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I did this hike on June 5th 2016 and it was snow free for most of the hike, except at the end we hit some snow patches. It was pretty easy to just walk on the snow and slide down.

The hike is pretty easy to find, you just need to follow the ridge. It is not too technical of a trail, there is a little scramble when you hike up the ridge at the beginning. I really enjoyed to do this hike as you can run most of it. Also you get an amazing view the whole time on the ridge. 

It is definitely one of my favourite hikes I have done in Kananaskis! It took us 2h10 minutes running so if you hiked I guess it would take you around 4-5h. 

Here are some photos below of the ridge you need to run on.

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