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Google Map Start of the Hike from Healy Creek (11.3km)
Google Map Start of the Hike from Basin (16km)
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Things to know about how to get to Sundance Lodge

You have different options to get to Sundance Lodge
- Start on the Healy Creek Trailhead on the Sunshine Road Village. It is 22 km round trip to get to Sundance Lodge by this trail (this is the way I did it, it took us 2h round trip)
- Make a car drop : Start on the Basin and Cave trailhead in Banff Town. It is 16 km to ski to get to Sundance Lodge. If you come back on the Healy Creek Trail it will be 11 km to get back. So, it will be a total of 26 km round trip. You could also ski back and forward from the Basin and Cave Trailhead but it will 32 km round trip. 
- The third option is to sleep at the Sundance lodge to cut your ski in half and experience their backcountry cabins! The lodge is open from Thursday to Sunday nights. 

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I will recommend you to check the ski conditions on Parks Canada before heading out. I did that trail on February 16th and the snow conditions were poor. I definitely recommend to do this trail in classic ski. 
​Also,  before you leave always check the Avalanches conditions and the forecast.

The Healy Creek Trailhead is just off the highway after the Sunshine exit. You will cross the Texas gate and it will be on your left. Make sure you have a valid Parks Canada pass and if you are staying over night you need to make a sign in your car saying you are staying over night at the Lodge.

The Healy Creek Trail is easy to find and hard to get lost. The trail will start at the end of the parking lot (on the direction of the highway). Be careful the first km the conditions were really poor we had to take off our skis as it was a little bit rocky. After 2 km, you will have to turn right (it is the only turn), you will follow the Brewster Trail that will bring you to Sundance Lodge. After that turn it will start to go uphill and the conditions will be better :)

The way in on Healy Creek trail is definitely harder. You will ascend more elevation than going back on the Healy Creek and it will be quicker. 

The lodge doesn't offer afternoon tea or lunch for roundtrip skiers so make sure to bring enough food!

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