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Skoki Lodge Loop

The trailhead is really close to Lake Louise resort at the Fish Creek trailhead (2km up the TransCanada). You will see some signs with the Skoki Lodge logo so you will just follow these to find the parking lot. 

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There is tons of trails you can do around Skoki Lodge. There is also different loop you can do. Unfortunately I was not able to do the traditional 34km Skoki Loop because we got lost and there way too much snow apparently to make it. The super nice staff from the lodge ( they are the master and they know the trail conditions!) suggested that we do another route. Anyway by the end we did 40km with 2465m elevation gain. So there is defintely a lot of opportunites out there!
​Here is a map of the traditional Skoki Loop. It is 34km with 1165m elevation gain.

Here is what I did, I suggest you to do this if you are in shoulder season. It will be around 25 km. You start by hiking up Boulder Pass where you will get an amazing view of Temple and the valley. After you pass Ptmarmigan Lake, go up on Deception Pass. You will get to Skoki Lodge after 12km. I suggest you to try to stop by during Tea time (1:30-3:30), so you can enjoy some food and hot drinks! It cost $5 by item. 
Instead of going the same way you came in, I suggest you to go by Packers Pass it is totally unreal! To get to it, hike back from merlin meadows towards skoki lodge. There is a bridge across the creek that leads to another trail which will head back towards Merlin, but on the other side of the creek. Take this trail on your left. You come to a rockwall with a nice little waterfall. You will have to scramble to get to the top of the waterfall, always stay to your left and you will find the trail!  After hiking up Packers Pass you will go down and you will find the same trail that you hiked up to get to the lodge.

Whatever which trail you decide to take you will always have to start at the same parking and hike 4 km on a dirt road. I ran it so it was not that bad, but if you are hiking you can bike the first 4km.
It is definetely a little paradise, I highly suggest to do that trail especially for trail runners! 

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