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Things to know about Rimwall in Kananaskis

Park on the south-west side of the Smith-Dorrien road in Kananaskis. Cross the road.  The trail will be on the left side of the Spurling creek. There is no official sign for the trail but you will see a wildlife sign with dates when the trail is closed.

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While hiking, I have to say that I was wondering why I had never done it before. It is definetely super nice out there, it looks almost fake how beautiful it is. It is a little bit challenging to find the route but the scramble part is all good. 

You will start this hike at the same place as the Wind Tower and West Wind Pass hikes. You will take the same trail as the West Wind Pass but after about 1km you will traverse left to take another trail (near treeline). It is not really trail, I will say it is more of a bushwhack but you can kinda see a trail as a couple of people have hiked up there. When you pass the treeline, you will see a cairn, just follow the different cairn until you get to a trail which goes straight up the hill. 

When you get up the hill (see photo of the girls on the rock), you will have done about 850 m elevation gain, you need to go on your left to get to the summit. At this point you will have about 10-15min left of hiking. This is the final step to the summit.  It is pretty straight forward. 

At the top there are beautiful views of Spray Lakes in Kananaskis and an incredible panorama of the Bow Valley and Big Sister.

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