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Things to know about
Pigeon Mt.

The trailhead is at the same place than the Mt. Allan loop  trailhead in Dead Mans Flats.  If you are heading to Canmore on the H1 you will take the Dead Mans Flats intersection and turn right  to head south 1.5km to the trail head (up the hill).  

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When you will get to the parking lot you will go at your right (at the Kananaskis map litlle pavillon) the trail is starting there. After about 500m, there is a intersection with a trail map you will have to turn left to follow the Skogan trail (if you keep going straight you will go to Mt.Allan trail)

After about 4 km you will spot a cairns, you need to turn left (if you are going straight you will go to Skogan Pass). This is the only intersection that you need to be careful to not miss. After this it is pretty straigh forward and it will be hard to get lost. 

The trail is really not technical, it looks like a dirt road so it is super smooth to run. The trail will be good for kids it might just be a little bit boring and long for them as it take a little time to get a view. 

When you get to the south summit, there is possibility to continue to the north summit if you want to make it a little bit longer and with more elevation gain. 

I definetely enjoy that hike for trail runnning as it was easy to find, not complicated. You get a decent view on top (not the most epic to be honnest) but I like the fact that it was super different than the other scramble hike as you are going up a grassy slopes. You should definelty put this hike on your list during the wild flowers season as it will be so beautiful! 

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