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Things to know about Mt. Indefatigable

This hike is located in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park between Upper and Lower Kananaskis lakes. The parking lot is at North Interlakes day-use area. At the trailhead kiosk at the end of the parking lot you need to turn right to start the trail.

Be aware that the trail to Mt. Indefatigable is decommissioned, but not totally closed. Since 2005 there have been numerous  trail closures in Kananaskis due to grizzlies. This is a grizzly-bear habitat, if you go carry bear spray.

Even if the trail is decommissioned it is still in really good condition, there are a lot of hikers doing this trail so it's easy to find your way. I don't recommand to this hike with snow as it could be tricky with the scramble and to find your way.

The trail start with crossing the spillway bridge. After 300m you will reach an unsigned junction with a grizzly sign, that the closed trail, you will see a pile of boulders. You need to turn right here onto the Mt.Indefatigable trail.

After around 1 hour hiking up to 2207m you have to turn left, we were lucky to see an arrow made with rocks on the ground.

The trail is a really easy scramble and a must do in Kananaskis it gives you beautiful views of Upper and Lower Kananaskis lakes and you will barely use your hands. To have my trail map Click on the Suunto logo above.

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