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Things to know about Mt.Ellinor

Mt. Ellinor hike is in the Olympic Penninsula about 2h30 from Seattle. You have the choice to start the hike at the Lower Trailhead if you want a longer hike (10 km) or you can start at Upper Trailhead (4.8 km). The parking lot for the upper trailhead will be about 15 min further than the lower trailhead parking. 
​Note that you will drive on a dirt road. 

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The trail is super easy to find with a visible sign at the intersection where you need to turn. It was very well maintained when I did it. As soon as you pass the tree line, the trail will start to go up a face. That part was really steep! 

Check out the weather before heading out to make sure you bring the right gear!

Unfortunately, I was not able to see a view on top as it was super foggy but on a clear day you can see all the major Cascade peaks, as well as close-range views of neighboring Mt. Washington, Stone, Pershing, and a glimpse of Mt. Olympus in the distance.

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