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Things to know about Mt.Cory in Banff National Park

First, this is definetely a hike to add to your bucket list. I really enjoyed doing this hike as the view at the top is just insane. It is a pretty long hike it took us 4h45 so I would at least count 5h round trip, but it is totally worth it.

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You will find the parking lot of the trailhead on the Bow Valley Parkway (take the Highway 1A exit like you were going to Johnston Canyon). After you exit follow the parkway for 1.9 km. The parking lot will be on the side of the road on your right.

This is a really straight forward hike, you just need to stay on the path. It is pretty easy to loose the trail on the way down though, so just be careful to go down the same way you went up. There is a possibility on the way down to take a different path on the east side to Cory Pass but you will have to walk on the road to get back to the parking lot. 

First, you need to walk across the hydroline and turn right immediately, you will see a cairn.  After about 2h you will reach a meadow, after that the real scramble will start. Here is my STRAVA map so you can see that the trail goes straight. Just follow your elevation gain and you will know when you are close to the summit. There are a couple of false summits that are a good tease! It takes a long time but it is so worth it!

Click on the photo gallery at your left to discover more about this beautiful hike and his beautiful views of the Bow Vally and Assiniboine on a clear day. 
Photo Credit: Your Black and White