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Things to know about Middle Sister

Finding the parking lot is pretty easy. If you are coming from Calgary take the Three Sisters exit. You are going to turn left going over the highway, drive over the animal gate then turn left at the stop sign . Drive to a round about where you will take your second right. Dive to the end of the road where you will find a gate, park here. 

From the gate, walk straigh east for 1.20 km you will see an access road on your right. There is a number 15 on on the three. See below picture. 

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After around 2 km you should get to the creek and there is a little bridge that you need to cross. 

All the comments that I got about Middle Sister were that the trail was really hard to find since the 2013 flood and the rock scree running was really hard. Actually it was not too bad, yes I am not going to lie sometimes the trail is hard to find. The good thing is that someone has added some pink flaging and cairns so it makes finding the trail easier. My recommendation is to try to stay focused and follow the pink flaging. Also stay in the creek bed and take the right hand drainage when it forks under a peak.

When the creek is getting narrower just stay in the creek or on the side of the creek. You are going to gain some elevation, the creek will get wider. Make sure to stay right if you want to hike the right mountain. 

I have to admit that this hike was way longer than I expected. In terms of difficulty scrambing, it's not too difficult or exposed. Route finding is the most challenging part of this hike. 

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