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Things to know ​about Little Lougheed

From Canmore Bow River Bridge, take the Smith Dorrien Trail for about 24.4 km. When you get to a creek called Spencer Creek (there is no sign, unfortunately) make a U-turn and park on the side of the road, by the drainage. 

This hike is super fun and it doesn't take too much time to get a good view! So if you are short on time this is perfect. It took us 3hr round trip and you could go faster if you want. 

Get ready the trail could be really confusing, there is a lot of trails and animal trails in this area. Make sure to not take the trail to Lougheed summit as it is a different one.  I strongly suggest you download the app : Maps.Me for your phone it is awesome and helped us get to the top without problems.

You start your hike at the creek where you will see the trail from where you are parked. Keep hiking straight until you see two bridges not even 1km from your car. Cross the left bridge and take a trail to your right. This trail will go straight up or you can take the High Rockies trail for a little while and take the next trail to your right a little bit higher. At the mid-point, you will get to a boulder field.

Photo credit: Joel Fuller

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