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Things to know about 
Laguna Churup

It is possible to do this hike by yourself. Yes this hike is 30km from Huaraz (1h drive in a road full of stones and bumps) so yes it could be more complicated for the logistic and yes there is crazy dogs on the road so I will not recommend to bike or hitchhike. Also, I recommend do this hike in the morning as there is always less clouds than the PM...

How to get there ? You have a couple different options:
1- Do it with a tour guide (easiest option)
2- Get a ride in a Collectivo the morning of the hike around 10 Soles each way.
3- The option we choose but I will recommend you the option 2: Get a taxi ride in the afternoon downtown with a private taxi , it cost us 50 Soles each way so 100 Soles total. We had to ask the taxi driver to stay at the trailhead as there is no Collectivo later in the day so it could be a little bit stressfull and sketchy as you never know who to trust. We were a little worried to come back to the trailhead with nobody out there but we got a good taxi driver!

Things you need to not forget :
- Snack and water ( or a water purifying device) as you will not find anything to buy at the trail head 
- Sunscreen, you are at high altitude so it is easy to burn!
- Clothes for any kind of weather, at high altitude temperatures can change dramatically... we got caught in a thunder storm
- Mosquitos repellent

The trail is super well signed so you can't get lost. You will have a little bit of scramble where you need to hold a metal rope (stay on the left side of the waterfall it is easier). That's the only difficult pass otherwise the trail is not technical but it will start with a pretty serious climb so get ready you will not have lots of flat terrain!

You need a Huascaran National Park Pass to go to Laguna Churup. We bough our pass before the hike, in the office in Huaraz but you can buy it at the park entree in Pitek. The price 150 Soles/ person for a week so make sure you have enough cash money!I recommend to buy for a week if you are planning to do Santa Cruz hike.

Laguna Churup is not a loop, the trail goes up to the lagoon with an ascent of 610m in 3.10 km it took us 1h07 to go up and 35 go down (but we ran the whole way because it was getting really stormy...) We arrived at the trailhead at 2PM and some people were just finished in 6hours and they were telling us there is no way we can make it in time.. We made it in less than 2 hours so this hike time depends a lot if you are in shape and how you react to altitude.  Click on the Suunto logo above to have all the details.

Get ready for the most rewarding view ; the water is crystal clear it is just unbelivable and yes that's really exist on our planet :)

Here is some photos on the start of the hike

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