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Things to know about 
Laguna 69

It is possible to do this hike by yourself, don't worry too much if you are in good shape and would like to do it by yourself at your own pace, you might enjoy it more solo! The trail is super well signed so you can't get lost. 

How to get there ? You have a couple different options:
1- Do it with a tour guide
2- Get a ride in a Collectivo the morning of the hike
3- The option we choose: Get a ride directly to your hostel with a private transport minivan, it cost us 40 Soles each. We stayed at the Auberge Churup  I would recommend it to you as it was super easy they organized the ride for us. We left at 7 AM from Huaraz.

You need a Huascaran National Park Pass to go to Laguna 69. We bough our pass before the hike, in the office in Huaraz but you can buy it at the park entre. The price 150 Soles/ person so make sure you have enough cash money!

Things you need to not forget :
- Lots of snack and water ( or a water purifying device) as you will not find anything to buy at the trail head 
- Sunscreen, you are at high altitude so it is easy to burn!
- Clothes for any kind of weather, at high altitude temperatures can change dramatically! 
- Mosquitos repellent

There is some possibilities to stay overnight, there is a campground after the trailhead (There is a sign)

Laguna 69 is not a loop, the trail goes up to the lake with an ascent of 743m, it took us 2h to go up and 1h15 to go down.  Click on the Suunto logo above to have all the details of our ascent. Here is the link of the descent. 

Here is a proof that the weather could change super fast we started this hike in tank tops and shorts and end up with a puffy and tights...

When you drive to the trail head you can see stunning lakes

Trail Head

Landscape on the trail head

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Some photos on our way to Laguana 69

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This blue colour was just unreal... There is no words to explain it

Photo credit of all the photos of me to Brooke Willson thank you!