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Things to know about Heart Mountain

Super convenient hike for people from Calgary as it's only 1h08 from the city! The mountains are never to far away!  

Trail head off Lac des Arc overpass on the Highway 1. You will see a sign on the highway for Heart Creek Trail. It's about 15 minutes from Canmore just before entering Kananaskis country.

Make sure to bring Bear Spray, this is a common grizzly seen in this area. 

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Attention! Make sure to take the trail that goes to the Heart Mountain, you will see an intersection after about 10 min walk a yellow sign will direct you to turn left. If you turn right you will be on the Heart Creek Canyon trail. If you pass 7 bridges and arrived at a waterfall you need to go back. You will see another yellow sign where the Heart Mt. trail starts it will say 'Heart Mountain is a scrambling route... '  

If you want to do the loop it will be 10 km, if you are going back and forward on the same trail it will be 7km. Check out my Strava map.

Really good mountain to do early season in mid June as it one of the first dry trails. 

The scramble is pretty easy if you scramble often, you will use hand and foot holds but not for too long.  It is around 3 meters high and marked with a red arrow. 

2 routes possible make a horshoes loop so at the top you can continue or turn around. I had to turn around as it was too snowy and slippery when I did it. So I am planing to do the loop so I can give you more info about it!

Check out the photo gallery to your left, these photos wereshot on Septmber 5th, unfortunately it was not the best weeather. I hope to go back soon to get better photos!