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Things to know about Ha Ling

Epic views of Canmore

Really popular hike as it's super close of Canmore, I would avoid busy long weekends...

In the spring time, it is a really fun hike to do at sunrise.

Do you know why it named Ha Ling? In 1896, A chinese cook for the Canadian Pacific Railway bet $50 he would never be able to do it in one day and he started at 7AM and came back for lunch, nobody believed him. 

Parking lot is at Goat Creek, you cross the road and the hike starts up the hill over the canal.

Easy hike, I know some 12 years kids who made it to the top! (but they are Canmore kids...)

Ha Ling is a part of the Canmore Triple Crown Challenge , make sure to participate you can get a free beer mug  that gets you discounts on refills at The Georgetown!

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