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Things to know ​​about
Grizzly Peak

Park on the side of the Highway 40 just after south of Grizzly Creek. If you are coming from Calgary it will be on your left, you will have to do a U-Turn on the highway and park on the side of the road. You will see a line of cars if you are doing this hike mid-day on weekend.

This is a great trail for the beginning of the season. It is usually dry before some other hike around.

This hike is pretty straight for it. I recommend downloading the application this will be the easiest to get to the trailhead and never lost the trail

It is a pretty steep hike, but easy scramble. If it gets difficult I will say you are too low or on an animal trail. You always want to stay right of the mountain 

If you want a bigger challenge you can keep going on the ridge after the summit.

Click on the photo gallery below to explore more about Grizzly Pea.

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