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Glymur Waterfall

This hike is about a one hour drive from Reykjavik. It is pretty easy to find and it is a short hike! 

Glymur Waterfall is considered Iceland's highest waterfall at 198m. You can't see the waterfall from the road so you don't need to hike it, but it is definitely worth your time. 

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You have 2 options on this hike you can make it a loop (around 8km) or you can get to the waterfall and come back the same way you came (5km). To make it a loop keep going after the waterfall and go down to cross the river. I recommend making it a loop as it is less busy on the other side. 

Be aware you will need to cross a river(twice because you need to come back) to get to the waterfall. There is a rope to help you to cross, I didn't think it was too difficult as there are a lot of stable rocks to walk on. You can expect some traffic over there as most people are not making the loop so they need to cross the river twice at the same spot. If you decide to do the loop the second river crossing is much easier. 

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