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Things to know about 
Fairview Mt.

The trail head from the boat house on the shore of the Lake Louise.

The parking lot is at the Lake Louise, this is a popular hikes most of people don't make it to the top so after a couple of km it is more quiet.

The trail is starting through Saddleback Pass. It is pretty easy to find and it will be hard to get lost. Up Saddleback you will have incredible views of Mt.Temple and Paradise Valley. It is super nice during the larches season.

Fairview Mountain is only 1.3 km after the Saddleback pass but you have to reach 418 m so it's kinda of a false summit where you think it will be super quick but it's longer that you think. It took me 4h round trip but I was not able to run because of the snow. So you could definelty make it faster when the conditions are dried. 

It's not a technical scramble, and it is relatively short for the view that you will get.The trail is full of switchbacks up a steep slope. I made this hike on October 10th and we were in snow but it was in pretty good conditions and we had the trail for ourself! 

Make sure to go down the same way you went up. Lot of people try to scramble down the northeast side as a shortcut on the way back. This is not a good idea. 

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