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Things to know about Awaawapuhi Trail

This is a must to do hike in the Koke'e State Park on the West Side of Kaua'i island, Hawaii. If you have time for only one hike and don't have that much time it is perfect as you get an amazing view for not too much effort! Check out the Google 3D view to give you an overview!

The trailhead begins off Koke'e Road about 1.5 miles uphill past the museum. You will see a pull out on your right. If you want to sleep over night at the Koke'e State Park I recommend to stay at the Koke'e State Park or at the Camp Sloggett
Check out the  HIPCAMP website for more camping options around Kaua'i. Don't forget to bring some warm clothes it is way colder up there at night!It went down to 45F.

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This hike was a new experience for me as the start is all downhill and the way out is all uphill so it is basically reverse of anything you will in the Canadian Rockies. 

The trail of this hike is in good shape when it is dry, you can't get lost. 

The beginning of the hike as not the most exciting thing, it is kind of hike that you don't see much until the end. But, when you get to the end you will arrive at some breathtaking views of the cliff below that will give you an amazing view on the Na Pali Coast. There is some really steep spine on the last part of the ridge I am not a fan of hights and I was feeling a little bit uncomfortable!

This hike was connected before with the Nu'alolo Trail by the Nu'alolo Cliffs Trail but the trail is closed due to flooding in September 2014. For an update on the trail conditions stop by the Koke'e Museum there is a board with all trail conditions and some volunteers who will be more than happy to help you!

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