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Things to know about Asulkan Valley in Rogers Pass

The hut is fully equiped. Cooking, lighting and heat are supplied by propane. You just need to bring your food, sleeping bag and wine! Want a suggestion for an easy dinner ? Cheese fondue is DA BEST!

Bring warm clothes you are at 2,100 meters so it is cold!

The hike is pretty easy to do with a big back pack so don't worry!

First of all to make this epic and better you need to stay overnight in the hut. The cost is $26 for members and  $35 for non-members so its pretty affordable! To book call the  Alpine Canada Club.

Don't forget you need your Park Canada Pass to stay overnight. Don't leave any food in your car. Last time I hiked there some mouses went into my car... My kleenex box had a hard time with the mouses!

I experienced this hike in the spring and fall and the best time of the year to do it is definitly the fall!

Make sure to check the Parks Canada trail condition report in case you need to be in a group or to make sure the bridges are all set up to hike!

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