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Things to know ​​​​​​​​​​about
 Asbyrgi to Dettifoss

First, this hike was really nice, I definitely recommend doing it! We did it (trail running) in one day. This is not a loop so you need to take a bus to where you start. Here is the company that we booked from Dettifoss to Asbyrgi. It was 3600IS/ person. 

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If you are not a runner, there is a possibility to camp and make it in 2 days. There is a campground around half way called Vestdalur.

The trail starts in Asbyrgi at the Vatnajokull National Park Visitor Centre.  The trail is pretty obvious, however, there are a couple times we used Maps Me GPS just to make sure we were on the right trail. Most of the time when there is another trail you stay straight. The trail is also pretty flat. 

The first part to Vestdalur was not my favorite part mostly a green valley. The second part from Vestdalur to Dettifoss was nicer to me, a lot of waterfalls, valleys, canyons, boulders, and craters.

I would suggest doing this trail from Asbyrgi to Dettifoss as it is such a nice reward to get to the end to this unbelievable waterfall. Make sure when you get to Dettifoss to continue less than 1.5 km to Selfoss, in my opinion, it's even nicer!

There is one small river crossing (easy to manage) so I will suggest wearing shorts under your pants so your hiking pants don't get wet. 

There are 2 trails at the end when you have around less than 6km to go. We took the most difficult(along the waterfall) one there is some sign to inform hikers that it could be challenging. If you have a big backpack I don't recommend it as it is pretty steep and narrow but otherwise it is worth taking it as you are closer to the waterfall. 

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