"There is no time to be bored in a world beautiful as this"
Nothing beats a day of adventures!
About me
Rockies Hiking Guide
I have never been able to find an online hiking guide with directions, maps and epic photos, so I decided to just create one to make sure people could enjoy the mountains beauty!
Here is all the hikes I did in Iceland
235km of hiking around this beautiful island.


Mount Lougheed
Grizzly Peak
Little Lougheed
Looking for an epic hike with no snow in early June? Here you go!
Looking for a snow free hike, short with great view. Here you go!
If you are looking for a nice short hike ideal for the snowy shoulder season this is for you~
"To travel is to live"
The world is full of secrets... yes, maybe, but let's try to find them!
I decided to create this website to share my passion of photography, digital design, hiking/mountain running, paddleboard, travel all in one blog. 
Why? Because I was tired of googling epic adventures all the time, and struggling between Parks website and other random websites.  Mountains trails should be easy access and easy to find for everyone who loves outdoor lifestyle!